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Cooking with gas is the best way to cook food quickly – and actually taste the food you’re cooking, not the charcoal itself. Napoleon gas grills are among the best in the industry, and Buck Stove Fireplace and Pools offers everything you need. Whether you want to cook for an entire family plus guests, or just yourself and a couple of close friends, we have the grill you’re looking for. With our huge selection of grill styles, colors, and add-ons, you’ll never find a single thing you can’t cook. Gas is great, but on the other hand, wood pellets offer an experience that can’t be matched. With a beautiful even heat and an exquisite flavor, wood pellet grills provide an experience that no outdoor cooking connoisseur would ever want to miss. Louisiana Wood Pellet grills give the expert griller an unmatched set of tools, letting you prepare delicious slow-cooked delicacies that are smoked for hours and redolent with flavor. We promise that mouths will water. Check out our selection of Louisiana Wood Pellet grills today! 

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